Monday, January 26, 2004

Sam's Father Groeschel update:

Read two Fr. Groeschel books this weekend. You must read his book The Reform of Renewal. It's amazing. Here's a bit I especially liked and wrote down for future reference:

Practically none of my readers may see themselves as prophetic types, and few may feel that they have either an oppourtunity or a responsibility to move people much outside the ordinary contacts of everyday life. All of this may be modest and accurate enough. In ordinary times they would even be correct about their responsibility. But these are not ordinary times. No one honestly thinks they are. Religion in general and the Catholic Church, along with the mainstream Protestant denominations, are losing ground rapidly. What is to be done? Most serious-minded clergy want to do something. they want to use their brief moment of life to make their providentially assigned contribution and leave the world a somewhat better place, but they need a place to start.

The place to start is definitely with one's own life. "What comes out of the mouth proceeds from the heart" (Mt 15:18). Our Savior makes it clear that what we do flows from what we are. If we are struggling for interior justice and honesty in our own hearts, we will discover in prayer and work what we need to do next. Our direction will be clearer and more creative than anything we could learn at any course or workshop or through any reading that we might do.

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