Wednesday, December 10, 2003 Technology | Letters:

"I was struck by the fact that your article didn't once use the words 'cow' or 'pig,' instead repeatedly using the words 'meat,' 'beef' and 'pork.' The reason vegans are against eating meat or wearing leather is that it requires causing an animal fear, pain and death. It is not some abstract ideological belief, but a genuine, progressive movement to end a massive source of very real suffering.

"Unfortunately animal rights seems to be the one issue most commonly absent from the agenda and Web sites of otherwise progressive organizations or news groups. It is also ironic since it is the one injustice that most people could actually affect by taking a personal action.

"Animal rights can also give you an insight into the mentality of mainstream America. If you want to know how the Bush-voting states feel about gay rights or world poverty, think about how you feel about animal rights.
"-- Randy Belknap"

Umm...actually it is an abstract ideological belief, because animals can't communicate suffering beyond the physical.

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