Tuesday, December 16, 2003

The Corner on National Review Online:
"The front-runner for the Democratic nomination yesterday gave a speech outlining what he calls his 'foreign policy plan.' But his speech didn’t really deal with foreign policy and he certainly doesn’t have a plan. At most, what he has is a series of New Year’s resolutions regarding exotic places.

"He says he wants to 'establish a global alliance against terrorism.' Brilliant. Can’t imagine how he came up with that. But on what basis would he would seek agreement with, for example, the French who want no part of a War on Terrorism, just as previous French governments wanted no part of a Cold War and no part of a war to stop the march of Nazism? He neglects to say.

"He says he wants to find Osama bin Laden and eliminate 'sleeper cells of nuclear, chemical, and biological terror.' Yes, fine -- but how?

"He says he wants a '10-year, $60 billion international effort to prevent terrorists from obtaining weapons of mass destruction.' But what would happen over those ten years and for that $60 billion? He provides not a clue

"He says he will 'work to narrow the now-widening gap between rich and poor.' Actually, we know how he’d accomplish that one – if he can help make Americans poorer, that nasty old gap should start narrowing very quickly.

"Again, what Dean presented Monday can’t be appraised as a foreign policy plan because it’s simply not a foreign policy plan. It’s a wish list. It’s like a CEO saying to his Board of Directors: 'Next year, we’re going to produce a better product, sell more of them, rake in huge profits and make our customers, employees and investors very happy.'

"To which the Board of Director should say: 'Great, Howard. But where's the plan?'"

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