Sunday, November 23, 2003

EDITORIAL: Birth control rerun adds little to Catholic life:
"a reversion to a discredited teaching, insistence on perpetuating a theology of sex and marriage that has little relationship to the lived experience of millions of married Catholics,"

Discredited by whom? Charles Curran still can't get a job as a Catholic theologian.

Every married couple in the country is made up of 2 sinners. No one obeys the church doctrine that you shouldn't sin. We haven't given up on sin yet [though maybe the NCR has...].

"Further, we only wish the teachings on charity would take up as much worry time for some of the Catholic hierarchy as do concerns over what married laity might be doing in their bedrooms."

Cause...ya never hear the Bishops talk about charity. They're not the biggest charitable care providers in the country or anything...

"There is a sexual scandal in the church, but last we knew, it had little to do with lay people."

Why can there only be one sexual scandal in the Church? NCR would be willing to admit to the child abuse scandal and a hypothetical financial scandal at the same time...

"Why the high interest?

"Maybe it provided easy diversion.

"After all, there is a serious priest shortage that threatens the very sacramental life of the church. One might think that critical subject would take center stage."

They just might be related you know...

"The teaching has been ignored not because Catholics are willfully defiant..."

Umm...yes it has, just because they disobey because the disagree doesn't make the disobedience not defiance and make it unwillful. Sheesh...they are accidently disobeying the teaching because they disagree with it? That seems unlikely.

"While Natural Family Planning may have value for some, most faithful married Catholics have found it impractical."

Really? One is reminded of Chesterton (from memory) "It is not that Christianity has been tried and found wanting, it is that it has been found difficult and left untried."

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