Friday, January 27, 2006

Apropos of (Merriam-Webster says it's officially English not French) overhead conversation at T.G.I.Friday's, I don't think that one can morally seek either fame or being a famous X as a goal in itself. The young woman in T.G.I.Friday's wanted to be a "famous singer". One could seek fame so as to be able to do moral goal Y: I want to be a famous singer so I can spread true religion/alleviate hunger/support my family, but not simply for it's own sake.

(does that help Steve?)


Anonymous said...


Reedit that so I can parse the English!

Anonymous said...

Were you at the TGI Friday's on Fifth Avenue? I walked by that the other day and thought how very weird it is that there is a TGIF on Fifth Avenue.

Being a "famous singer" might have been shorthand for "an accomplished singer" or "be a good singer" and to be recognized for it -- the first is certainly an acceptable moral goal; the second I am more uncertain of.

(As an aside: that LibraryThing has the potential to be the best social networking / dating site ever.) (And are you really thinking about going to business school?)