Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Greetings to Our Australian Friends!

Who seem to be interested in my connection (lack there of actually) to Opus Dei.

They're probably interested because I wrote this and a version here.

I actually like the website.


Anonymous said...

I responded over at Mark's.

And I am glad you liked it...not that I had much to with it other than my one little piece so far.

JMT said...

Honestly, Sam, I think you lead a double life as an albino monk with O.D. ties who works at the Louvre. You clearly wear a wig, contacts, and make-up when working in NYC. No, I have not read that book, but... well, I'm tired and I forget where I was going with this comment other than alluding to you having "sinister" O.D. connections.

Really, I just wanted to leave a comment to let you know I posted a brief update on my blog.

Later, butt.

JMT said...

Ok, are you and T both ignoring me? Neither of you are responding to my zany comments, nor are you leaving comments on my blog, even after begging me to post. I miss the days when your blog was just one crazy Jeanetta quote after another. BTW, did I tell you about the near mortal wound I accidentally inflicted upon myself with a butter knife?