Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The Cornell Society for a Good Time: The New Secretary of the CDW::
Some more speculation fleshed out.

Who knows eh?

(and a caution on the Cornell website which is pretty radical leaning)


Ambrosius said...

who you callin' radical, man? :)

Our blog is a mixed bunch -- but we're all fully faithful to the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI!

thanks for the link. We are not associated with the Society of Saint Pius X, nor do any of the contributors attend Mass at a Society chapel; they just happen to have the juiciest bits of gossip in this case!

JWY said...

"a caution on the Cornell website"??

sounds like the chaplains at Cornell University fretting over our latest email or article.

don't worry, the chaplains thinks that we're pretty radical, too. they also think that we're sedevacantists, which isn't true, but i think it's pretty cool that they think that.

they're so far off the left, deep end that looking back our direction, we probably do look like some strange SV group. :)