Friday, July 23, 2004 - Sister Joan's arc of activism travels true

Oh man...

"The powerhouse sister may come packaged like a powder puff — a powder-blue suit matching her powder-blue eyes."

"Her 148-year-old Erie community follows the Rule of St. Benedict, a sixth-century guidebook for monastic life based on the values 'of work, holy leisure, stewardship, community, humility and peace.'"

Amazing! I didn't know that Benedict said nuns could wear powder-blue suits.

"Chittister, her eyes framed by crinkles from years of laughter, insists, 'My life is a series of jokes!'"

No kidding.

"'I can't not be Catholic!' she exclaims, calling her church a 'treasure house' of culture, history, tradition and discipline that "develops the soul.'"

Hmm, discipline, might that involve obedience, and might that be Tradition, which excludes:

"Chittister and others argue that [the male only priesthood is] a historic, human tradition."


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