Sunday, July 25, 2004

How did the abuses get started?:

"[RS 60.] In the celebration of Mass, the Liturgy of the Word and the Liturgy of the Eucharist are intimately connected to one another, and form one single act of worship. For this reason it is not licit to separate one of these parts from the other and celebrate them at different times or places. Nor is it licit to carry out the individual parts of Holy Mass at different times of the same day."

"I won't ask how many of us have never celebrated a Liturgy of the Word in one place and a Liturgy of the Eucharist in another place, but I bet there are two or three of us in this room who haven't done that. At Theological College [the seminary at Catholic University of America] last Holy Saturday [2002 or 2003] the liturgy of the fire was celebrated outside in the garden; the Liturgy of the Word was celebrated on the second floor in a big room that's used for the rector's conferences and other big meetings, and the Liturgy of the Eucharist was celebrated upstairs in the chapel. They've been doing that since the 1960's. The 1970 Instruction didn't affect the way that they celebrated. It's still been going on." --Father Jerome Hall, SJ, 'The Impact of Liturgiam Authenticam on Musical Texts'

Man, I thought Theological College wasn't wierd like that.

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