Friday, May 06, 2005

Having just come off my "weekend" and the first two day weekend I've had in about a month it feels very Mondayish to me tonight, even though it's Friday for the rest of the world.

I guess my silent roomate has departed, since my landlord/roomate has now moved into the other bedroom. Next time I see him I'll have to make sure he can still make the rent on the reduced circumstances, while at the same time not offering to pay more myself.

I went to Mass yesterday, Ascension, Holy Day of Obligation, at St. Rita in the Bronx. Which appears to have be an ethnically Italian parish when it built it's building around 1905 (St. Rita being Umbrian). It seems they never got beyond building the basement. The Church is only one level and you go down below grade to enter it. There are quite a few other parishes within 5-blocks or so. St. Pius V (not SSPV), is only about a block and a half. It'd be interesting to know what ethnic groups/migrations were at work here that the Church was never finished. It's not clear from the interior either if it was ever more "built" then it is today, e.g. pre-Vatican II.

There were no MC's in evidence at the 12 noon Mass. There's adoration there at their convent every M-Thurs. at 2:30, but I had to go to work (ok, so I didn't have all of the two days off, but it was just an hour long meeting with the brass) by 3:15 in Midtown. They also have adoration Sunday evenings, so we'll see how Sunday night is. I still hate making phone calls.

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