Friday, April 08, 2005

Restaurants I want to try:

Hummus Place
Listed in New York as a place for meals under $10.
109 St. Marks Pl. (212)-529-9198

Chef profiled (was it GQ or Esquire I forget) for his doing unnatural things to food, e.g. fried mayonnaise, also mentioned as "Weird Food That Actually Tastes Good" in New York.
50 Clinton St. (212)-477-2900

Japanese Chicken wings. Positive note in the Sun.
144 West 19th St. (212)-924-3335

Richshaw Dumpling House
From the Post.
61 W. 23rd St. (212)-924-9220

Also the resurrected Jazz club Smalls at 183 W. 10th St.

(Ok, I admit, the purpose of this post was mainly to get a stack of restaurant reviews of my desk.)

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